Saturday, August 7, 2010

What to do this weekend.....

Well it is rather on the cold side this weekend, the Mr is working and my parents have taken the madam for today so I thought I might have a bit of an adventure. You know the sort of adventure that you can have with a wine, or cuppa, in hand next to the warmth of the heater and it doesn't cost a cent......

First I would start here because they are such a cool family it makes me want to actually develop the ability to sew more than pin cushion and move to France - and they look like they have the coolest home!

Then I would love to catch up on some talks from here - you know the talks that you only get to see a little bit of or read the explanation before the call of "MUM"....well lacking in Madam today I may indulge.

I may call over and check out the August break photos from Boho Girl - cause you know they are always food for my soul.

Then for a second serve of soul food I will pop in on Susannah Conway

For the grand finale I will take my adventure here great writing, great photography, wonderful family and a rockin album to boot.

Have a good weekend!


Kristi said...

thanks for the i want to move to france and sew my heart out.

Susannah Conway said...

:-D xo