Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quirky Girl

When I saw this challenge over at Blog This I thought it was right up my ally. It isn't that I am completely nuts but i do have a few quirks. I never really noticed my quirks until the madam became old enough to mimic me. There is nothing like seeing yourself through a small persons eyes - the good, the bad and the ugly......

I don't know why, how or when it even started but everyday, actually twice a day, I read the toothpaste tube whilst I brush my teeth. I read it all, every time. I am not sure why, especially as after a certain time I know what it says, but I do. It does not make my purchase or use of toothpaste change or change anything but it is a quirky thing I do.

I also put my scissors and any other sharp kitchen instrument anywhere but the second draw. My sister and I had a friend a long time ago who said you should always hide/change the place of things like that because if someone broke in and was looking for a 'tool' that is the first place they would go. every night before I go to bed I check the draw and if I get up to go to the Madam during the night I check it again.

My third but by no means last quirk is socks. I hate them. They hate each other. The washing machine eats them. When my mum comes over she often ends up folding them for me. i don't care if I wear odd socks - no one sees them. the Mr on the other hand thinks he should always have twenty pairs of socks in his draw and it is a crime against civilisation if they are not perfectly matched. So everyday I fold one pair of perfectly matching socks and then I give up look at my odd ones and laugh.

So....what are the quirky things you do? If you are not ready to fess up pop on over to Blog This and check out some other quirky people....I am in rather good company.


Anonymous said...

Toothpaste Container... I do this to a lot of things, shampoo, conditioner, cereal box while I'm eating my breakfast, road signs...

Great entry :)

drx said...

I love the second drawer logic =)

I found a solution for the age old odd socks problem. All of my socks (aside from my gym socks) are exactly the same: black with gold rims, interchangeable left & right. There's often an odd number, but never an odd pair

...which is yet another quirk that I've realized in pondering this topic over the last few days.

Umatji said...

aah, I love it! I used to pair regularly but now we have a pile on a couch in my bedroom that occasionally me and my boy 4 sit and do - if you can't find a sock - go to the couch I say!