Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things that make me happy & only cost a little bit.....

Daisy Lane Products

Things that make me happy today and may have only cost me a little bit.......

- Sun : Yes it is finally sunny in Adelaide
- My girl: Yes today the Madam was just too excited to go to school, wear something I actually liked AND let me put her hair up!
- Daisy Lane: One of my local shops is stocking a couple of Daisy Lane products! Anyone who loved Holly Hobby will love Daisy Lane and if you want more go to Lark online - but I just had to buy these today.
- The smell of citrus - it screams summer and I love it - now my house smells like oranges!

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Jenny said...

I used to have Holly Hobby curtains in my room and little dishes as a little girl.
Anytime I see her it reminds me of being a little girl again!
Have a great day!