Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jim Morrison & link love

Image of my rock star love from here

I could write today, being Father's Day and all, about how the Mr is fabulous or about how much my Dad means to me.....but I wont. Not to say both those facts are not true, they are, but I have been meaning to write a 'link' post for a while.
So mu project positive number four is the links I have found and love!

I love finding new blogs, it's kind of like finding new friends, changes your perspective on the world whilst having one common thread - we all have blogs. Sometimes, more often than not, it is also a bit of a 'star struck' moment for me. Quite often if I find something or someone on another blog it's a little it like meeting a rock star - I have seen their photo's, admired their business , tried their recipes, etc. My blog roll is ridiculously long and I always want to follow more.


My some of my favourite links at the moment are.....

Letters to my husband - Christine is writing to her husband Johnathan who is in the end stages of kidney disease. Beautiful, soul tearing, real writing.

Cowboy Bunny - Cool, talented mama - if I was at school I would want to be friends with Jenny.

A beautiful mess - wonderful ideas, creative things and stunning tattoos.

Bleubird Vintage - vintage, babies, lovely people and a lady called Miss James.


Jenny said...

Aww your too kind! Have a wonderful day!

Good Golly Miss Holly! said...

Jim Morrison is a god! *purrrr*