Thursday, September 2, 2010

Project Positive

Okay I am starting a project of sorts. yay! Your all excited aren't you? I am starting to day the second day of Spring - a day that I spent with my friend, her little boy and my girl. My friend is lovely, she is the sort of person that marches to the beat of a different drum, it was a great day.

I sometimes do get a bit bogged down by the negative. Whether it be circumstances at the time, people around me, life, etc. Sometimes I think I absorb it so much I forget all the good things, good people, the positive.

So.....Project Positive begins......

Because everything I start on a Monday, the first of the month or the first of the season seems not to work out so well - I will start on the second. The second day of September, the second day of spring and I will end it on the second to last day of spring, the second to last day of November.

Everyday I will post a photo showing either what I am grateful for, what makes me happy, what brings positive energy into my world. I am hoping I will learn not to take so much notice of the negative and enjoy life now. I hope you will like it and by all means join in!


rachel awes said...

project positive
& adorrrrrrre
this little girl piece.
i can't wait to see the rest!
lots of love! xxo

Corinne said...

Such a beautiful idea...
can't wait to follow along :)