Saturday, September 4, 2010

My bit on the side

Positive three image from here

I am positively in love...this makes me happy!

In this incredible Spring of the most atrocious weather I have ever seen I have to say i-phone I love you. I love the way you play the music I love, you allow me to tweet & face book my insane ramblings whilst sitting in the school pick up or waiting for sleeping toddlers to wake so I can avoid 'MUM YOU LEFT ME IN THE CAR AGAIN!'. When my insomnia kicks in you let me play a million different games but most importantly.....and I love you most for this.....if it makes me a bad parent I can be okay with that......

You have a million educational, fun apps that I can you to bribe the madam into doing just about anything!

Now if you would kindly figure out how to clean my house and make me a margarita I will run away with you!

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Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

Indeed. Go the iPhone. :oD Fun post.