Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank you for restoring my self esteem, making me a better mum & twitter!

I must first of all say a huge thank you to those who left a comment on my last post (and on twitter).  I actually had my moment with a few of the 'ladies' I wrote about (from the little bit "different" group) today.  I kept all the comments running in my head and it actually helped.  I just sat back, took it all in and walked away without that feeling of just having my self esteem smashed.  So thank you my lovelies.

Last night I was reading Hayley's blog The Trousse.  Hayley also has a blog and online store The Little Pinwheel.  I have followed Hayley's writing for a little while - she is one of those people I think would be uber cool in real life.  But is writing posts about being a raw mum - you know those moments that work or don't work, etc.  When she wrote this I absolutely thought it was brilliant.  Now I am a stay at home mum of one and the madam does get my attention but it usually is divided between her and the Mr, or phone calls, emails, mopping, life etc.  So now I am working on 40 mins - 40 mins of undivided attention.  40 mins that lets her know that I love and respect her.  That she can be whoever with me and I will always be there.

The Mr has been away for a week and I have been on a bit of a purge - one garage sale and a mini skip - plus my sister who would through out everything if I let her (I am grateful for her help though).  My money is on that he gets back and doesn't even notice anything is gone.

With him not here though I have finally worked out the world of twitter - and Emily is right as she writes here - it is actually pretty cool - so the new black! So come and chat to us x

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