Friday, November 5, 2010

My 16 year old self

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A few off you would know by now I have a little addiction to twitter.  It's fabulous . You can write all sorts of things and talk to so many different people - for me it's a bit better than face book as it has no one from my family or my immediate life on it - so if you choose to vent there are no 'real life' repercussions.  I also like that most of the people I 'follow' seem to be uber cool and intelligent so I am hoping it will rub off on me.....

One of the things going around on twitter is to tweet your sixteen year old self. What would you say to your sixteen year old self? Which got me thinking (yes shock!)

Dear 16 year old Katy,

- Put down the cigarettes.  They are evil in a box. Otherwise you will start an addiction that at 31 you still find hard to kick. 

- Stop criticising housewives.  They are not all 'in the bell jar'  - one day you will be one and you will know how bloody hard it is.  You can combine feminism, Independence, parenting and being a housewife.  So keep your mouth zipped.

- Make the most of every opportunity.  Use your fear to spur you on.  There is really no need to be scared of everything.

- He is not ' the one' - not even close and by the time you reach 31 and run into him - you will be sooooooo glad.

- Fruit Alexia (very cheap bad wine) is also evil in a cardboard box. 

- While we are at it bourbon is bad - just don't ever pick it up.

- Pay way more attention to life - it goes really quickly.

- Pick up a camera and use it - you'll love it.

All my love your much older but not really wiser,
31 year old self.

So what would you say............................


ashley said...

How much wiser we truly are with age! I think I would tell me to relax, that none of those 16 year old issues are anything but silly.
Then again if we weren't those people then we couldn't be the older and wiser ladies we are today!!
Can't wait to see what my 60 year old self will tell my 32 year old self one day;)
X ashley

Corinne said...

I'd tell my 16 year old self to love herself a bit more...
(and to not pick up booze or cigarettes... I kicked the bottle, but the cigarettes are STILL an issue on and off. Off right now... but god forbid something tumultuous happens in life... ;))

Jenny said...

I love this post. I'm still trying to think what I would tell my sixteen year old self.

Danielle said...

Oh gosh I loved this- and especially this: "Stop criticising housewives. They are not all 'in the bell jar' - one day you will be one and you will know how bloody hard it is. You can combine feminism, Independence, parenting and being a housewife. So keep your mouth zipped."

I'm right there with you! haha. But really, thank you so much for linking me, I enjoyed reading this. :)

Happy Friday!