Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Revolution required

I found this through Marvellous Kiddo - it is amazing.  Dr Ken Robinson talking about why we need to revolutionise our education systems.  As an out and proud geek - this gave me great food for thought.  He has a few talks so I might post them over the week.

I would love to hear what you all think - what is your approach to education? What is your approach to your kids education?

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windingcirclelifeschool said...

We have chosen to homeschool our girls.This decision came hard because like most people we were sure that to learn you needed school, even though most of my teen years were spent unschooling myself.
Our choice began when our second child was too tired most days to do kindy, and we knew that there was no way that she would make it through the school day.By the end of the year we had decided to also pull our eldest out of school due to servere bullying.
I believe that children learn best when they are not forced to learn.I didnt at first but i have seriously come to believe that.I have seen the results with my own eyes. I also believe that the best learning comes from when they are following their interests.
Our reasons to continue to homeschool have changed over the past 3 years.Firstly it was to make life easier for one and remove the other from a situation that the school didnt seem able to deal with, now its beacuse we love this life style, we enjoy the freedom to learn from what sources we chose, and the parents like learnign along side our children.
Our life style is not for everyone.If the schools are ever to make the learning enviroment conductive to actual learning then they are going to have to make a great many changes.