Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One, two...what did you do?

Okay I have tried about fifteen times to write this post.  I know I have a tendencies to over analyse and drrrrrrrrrrawwwwwwww things out so I am trying to make this simple.

How did you, if you did at all, decide how many children to have?  Was it just go with the flow or a process? What was your reasoning? Would you do it differently if you could?

I ask because we have decided to stay with the Madam being an only child.  The Mr doesn't particularly want to increase the number of small people in our house - and I wont do it if I'm the only one that actually wants another one (to messy).


I have had numerous people recently comment on this lifestyle decision of ours - both pro only children and pro more kids so I wondered what you all thought.

* Just for the record if any family/friends from my real world read this - we are not trying for another one nor intending to try - it is just a question*


alliecat said...

I have just always felt I wanted three kids. I have two living children and still don't feel done. I hope I will after (if) another one arrives. Hubs and I are both one of three also and this may have something to do with our 'decision' and although we have discussed it a lot, we have never varied from our ideal of 3.

I think you have made a very wise and well thought out decision for what is right for your family. Good idea to be up front and avoid all that "so when are you going for number two?' rot people love to dish out.

Jenny said...

I think with us it kind of happened. We planned the first one, my son. Then we waited about three years , and I really wanted another little one, so we tried for about a year, and had my daughter. We thought we were done, perfect, boy and girl, then to my surprise we had my third little daughter. I have to say having three can't be quite chaotic, but I could'nt imagine it any other way. I wouldn't feel bad or weird for only having one. If that is what suites you and your family so be it. I think as life goes we can change our minds or be perfectly content with what we have. As long as your family is happy that is all that matters!

windingcirclelifeschool said...

I always wanted a big family, being an only child i never wanted that for my children.My husband on the other hand loved being an only child.We had only been together a little while we we found out our eldest was on the way.We didnt plan on her, she planned on her!It took a long time to convinve him to have more.Once we decided i fell preganant easy with number 2.It was easier to convince him for a third, but hard to fall pregnant.I ended up seeking help 18 months into trying but being lucky about not needing it.I would have liked to have had another, but we are not able to.I am sure my hubby is happy with that, but i sometimes wonder.I was an only and so was he.He loved it.There are benifits to both life styles.If you would like another then maybe when your little one is older he will change his mind.You never know.I never though my partner would go for 3!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Hey there Katy... Mr Silly Gilly and I have decided to stop at one child. We have a girl, who to us is perfect. She eats everything put in front of her, she sleeps well, she's crafty. That's all I need! I don't want to rock the boat and have another child who is hard work when I've got it so easy now!! Sounds harsh but at the end of the day, one child works for us. My PND put me off a bit too, even though I know I could head it off at the pass before things got bad next time around (if we had another child). My husband works hard and knows he couldn't support us time-wise and emotionally enough for a new baby around. But ask me all this next year when poppet is off to school and I'm banging around this empty old house by myself!!