Friday, May 27, 2011

Pregnancy, Sex & Sleep

A photo I took a while ago of all  the things I love and can't have at the moment.

I promise I will not spend the rest of the year just blogging about's a great topic although I know it is not in most people's list of 'top 10 things to read about!'.  Seeing as this is my second time and it's been five years since the Madam was born it's actually a little entertaining all the things I blocked out   forgot happened at this stage.

* Trying to find a balance between maintaining a sex life and pregnancy induced narcolepsy is hard but apparently quite entertaining.  I don't usually require much sleep but now I sit or lay down and I am out like a light - apparently never to wake no matter what offer the Mr puts to me! Which is painful in more ways than one because hormones mean i want it all the time but he's to bloody fussy about me being awake!

* The amount of people that say to me 'ooohhh five year age difference, that will be hard.....I wouldn't do that if I was you' or ' it will be okay at least the Madam will be at school so you wont have two at once'........well actually I tried but I couldn't get the age difference any closer because the Mr is a stubborn &*^% and I would actually like my kids to like each other at least for the first few weeks so I'm not that fussed if they both realise they have to exist together.

* The amount of people that ask 'Do you know what your having?' the moment it resembles something the size of a kidney bean and a cross between an alien and a tadpole so go figure?

* I forgot how yummy lemons are and have consumed far too many so now my mouth looks like a ducks butt.

* I also forgot how lovely it is to wake up feeling hungover but not having a big night out to show for it.

* I forgot how much I forget stuff during pregnancy which is much easier this time around because I have the Madam.  Now when i leave the house she stands at the door and says verbatim ' Mum do you have your keys, your phone, your purse, your visa and your kid!'.  I have a tendency to forget one or all of these.

* How emotional I am.  I actually , in the past, have been known to be so unemotional I earnt the nickname 'the ice queen'.  Pregnancy makes up for the rest of my life it seems.  The last Oprah episodes may well send me into therapy....who knew Stevie Wonder could make me cry?????

* Did I mention that I want to have sex all the time but keep falling asleep???

Must go have a nanna nap.


Kelly said...

if you need some assistance- check out the international differences on cultral pratices in food restritions for pregnant women- in france its no salad but a glass of champagne daily, soft cheesees are ok, in japan, sashimi is fine as is sushi(?)- why we say no to susi when preggers here is beyond me(think peeps have confused sashimi with sushi perhaps) so- i took from this international practice and ate everything and had a glass of wine nearly every day. We are way toooo precious about food in pregnancy, well everything in pregnancy here, drives me nuts.

Jessica said...

Congrats, it will all come back to you, and believe me even 2 1/2 years between and you convieniently forget a lot that happend. Here's to a healthy, happy and hopefully not too unwell 7 or so months ahead of you.

Simon Food Favourites said...

a great read. i'm 5 years difference to my younger brother and we get along well :-)