Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A photo a day: Eighteen: renew the weirdness & Nie

The madam and I are starting to plant our 'fairy garden' - it consists of many cute and lovely looking plants and herbs - there is absolutely no common sense or gardening knowledge that goes with this garden just a sense of renewal I think that comes with the weather warming - as well as a sense of the weirdness that my imaginative daughter has decided thirteen fairies and ten dogs live in our garden (we actually have a turtle and two fish) but I am the last person to doubt what is unseen!

We did another beach trip too - is it just me or does that rock above (in kinda weirded me out it looks like the Lemony Snicketts tree) look like it has a mini tree in it - I know it is probably actually something with a very sensible name but I am not that cluey!

Also if you get a chance check out Nie's blog - Stephanie and her husband are beautiful people who were in a terrible plane crash a year ago - after suffering some pretty harsh injuries they have fought their way back to be with their kids and each other - her sister Jane's blog is brilliant too. For the first time since the accident she posted a picture of herself yesterday. It is an awe inspiring journey.

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