Sunday, August 16, 2009

A photo a day: sixteen: The cycle of things

Ok so I totally missed a couple of days but that was due to having far to much white wine Friday night and I figure if I can't focus my eyes I probably shouldn't take photos! Anyway this is what I have done on the weekend;

  • I've seen a brother and sister reunite
  • I've seen suspicions confirmed
  • I've seen a Dad suddenly realise how cool his kid is
  • I've seen a marriage break up
  • I've seen others take stock of things
  • I've made a decision
  • I've seen a family be a family for the first time in a long time

Not the weekend I thought it would be but I think that is definitely the cycle of how things go - I am a big believer in that things happen for a reason - especially my headache on Saturday - sav blanc is fickle - my friend on the night - my enemy in the morning.


Maggie May said...

that is a HUGE weekend. i hope you are taking good care of yourself.

Katrine said...

gosh! there's not much you can do to prepare for that sort of emotional rollercoaster is there? like maggie, i hope you're looking after yourself and taking the time to process all those experiences.