Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay..... I have been thinking and probably over thinking particular things so from that I pose this question. Do you feel that when it comes down to it some people are good people and some people are bad? Can some people not change? Is it just because they do not want to be different?

I know this is actually a few questions but it just interest me. I have come across people that seem to be phenomenally good - they are calm, nice, generous, look great, etc. I also know a couple of people that by all appearances are regular people but they actually seem to wreak havoc on not only others but themselves.

Is it a personality thing? A karma thing? A God thing?

I hope this makes sense - I'm just interested to know others opinion.


Katrine said...

i don't think some people are 'good' and some are 'bad', just like not much is ever black and white. i think we're all different shades of the rainbow.

i like the idea of karma in theory but i don't really beleive in it on a spiritual level.
i don't think that people get sick, have their house burn down etc. because they'v e been 'bad'.
however, on a personal level i do think that we often reap what we sew. that the more we try and make the world around us a better place the more the people around us will do the same back and the easier life will be. and the same in reverse.

i think if you want to be a better person all you have to do is practice being that person and the rest will fall into place. i think we make choices every day and these choices take us all on a different path but it's a path of our own making.

but i say these things as a person who's never really had anything bad happen to them... i'm not sure if that invalidates my point of view a bit...

Katrine said...

what do you think?

Kel said...

yup- ditto again. black and white thinking itself is a problem lol! shades of grey- i think people mostly suffer from ignorance or fear or both. People get very protective and dont think things through or cant because they are blocked, blocked up with fear and mitrust. But then there is theres mental illness- a whole other story. But essentially people i think suffer from lack of expereince and exposure to alternatives and so believe there is only one way, one right, one paradigm, one best, one thing. generally theirs. The ability to empathise, integrate and assimilate comes with trust and knowledge and lack of fear. Its a great question, i could go on and on and on...