Friday, November 20, 2009

The heatwave broke......and a little bit of wee came out

Well last night the heatwave broke.....for a while there it looked like it wouldn't but we ended up with a great lightening storm and a teeny tiny amount of rain. Yesterday a 43 degrees was just a bit warm but it is a much cooler 29 (I think) today. The first two photos I took just down the street - we could see the storm coming and when you looked towards the sea you got these beautiful colours and the start of a lightening show - when you turned around it was just 'normal' - sometimes it is just wild to see Mother Nature do her thing.

The last photo is obviously the Madam a bit excited about the coming storm - we stayed outside a bit last night celebrating the heatwave breaking with a bit of sav blanc (for me) beer (for him) water ( for madam ) and chicken & salad - we didn't get that much rain but when we did she rain out going

" Look the rain is only wee"

So didn't want to stand in it then.

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