Monday, November 16, 2009

Cook up


These photos are from a "cooking day" we had last week. I have this weird thing where I have days that all I want to do is cook and even though it all seems to turn out well enough I never want to eat it at the end. So I think after a day of tea cake, lasagna, mini quiches and a few other things we ended up with chicken and salad. Madam had to get through this day with the mandatory 15 dress changes - now she is totally "knickers" she is flat out refusing to wear pants of any sort.

It is beautiful today but the heatwave starts again tomorrow..... I'll be back then
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Ellieboo said...

congrats on the "totally knickers" - we are in the process at the moment. My littlee wants to wear them so much but doesnt want to EVER tell me she needs to go - we are at an impasse.

Wow - I need some of your cooking mojo

PottyMouthMama said...

15 dress changes?! YIKES! I think we'd be out of clothes by then!!

We have flirted with knickers. But Tiny just wants to wear about 3 pairs at once. And then has NO idea about going on the potty. So cute. But we're definitely not ready yet!!

Katy said...

Oh sometimes I just wish she had stayed in nappies until she was 18 x