Friday, February 12, 2010

A little ray of sunshine

Thank you to the lovely Kelly who you can find here for awarding my little ol' blog this award! Thank you Kelly - it is very much appreciated and I am very happy because, just like when people comment, it proves that there are people reading my blog and not just my friends making up alter egos.

I know some bloggers are in two minds about awards but I like this one - if something on my blog spreads a bit of sunshine then that's okay with me! I have to pass this on to twelve blogs who I think deserve it which is probably as close to a major trauma I have come - decisions, decisions! All of you will know how bad I am - which is why I am constantly bringing all my major decisions to bring the blog!


Taurus rising (my oracle & guide to all things green and beyond!)

Ngaachi... (beautiful photo's, tales & all with a bubba on the way!)

The Bird Bath (Guide to all things sewing, crafty & has lovely ideas of what to do with kids!)

Punky & Me Great blog & Vic is so cool & gets the best oppy buys

Flux Capacitor
Because Maggie just writes so beautifully and inspires!

Boho Photography
Denise is a stunning photographer, great mum and exceptional soul

*e* Because Emily is lovely & it makes me want to have many more babies! (& Yes the Mr flips!)

Spain Daily It makes me want to pack up and move

Happy Foody
Great family & recipes.....oh how I wish they were my neighbours

Blue Milk Because I laugh, cry & learn all from one blog

The Byron Life I love all of Megan's ideas, photos & she is a constant source of inspiration

oh...where do I day I want to be arty & cool enough to be in this blog!

I tried to pick 12 blogs that I loved that I thought spread a little sunshine and people would enjoy - realistically my list would be a million miles long. I also tried to pick blogs that were okay with having awards so that is why some others aren't on the list - check out my blog roll for some inspiring lovely blogs.

Once again thank you to the lovely Kelly - this meant a lot x

* Please by no means anyone feel obliged to pass this on.....I know it is a little 'chain email' but I just thought I would give a small 'shout out!*


Vic said...

She thinks I'm cool...?! The poor, misguided woman!

Thank you sweet girl - I will mention this soon, I will. I am not a huge fan of this sort of thing... I don't know why... too much like chain letters perhaps..?

But it is nice to be thought of, especially in such a lovely way, by a lovely soul!

Thank you.

Kristi said...

Such a sweet award Congrats!

Kellyansapansa said...

You are so welcome, and thanks for the list of new blogs to read!

I always pass on these awards. Yes, they are a lot like chain emails, but in this case they are a great way of networking, opening up your readership and attracting new followers and comments. So in my opinion it's worth the time and effort to perpetuate them. Just my two cents though!