Saturday, February 13, 2010

Strange but sick (in a flu way)

I just love the idea of this house - how cool would it be as a kids cubby.

I'm sick.....I have some sort of demented monkey flu thing that makes me look like an extra from twilight (like I wasn't pale enough) and sound like a drag queen after to many Marlboro. Attractive eh?

Anyway as Murphy's law would have - I am sick and my body feels like staying in the foetal position for days on end brain has a million my blog lovelies anyone have any miraculous illness cures?

So far I'm on ginger tea and as much garlic and chili as I can handle - which surprisingly is quite a lot seeing I am unable to taste or smell. I have honey and some natural cold & flu tablets but am always open to suggestions......actually

the stranger the better...........

What is the strangest, weirdest cure for the common cold/flu thing that strikes us down at the most inconvenient of times?


Kellyansapansa said...

I don't have any weird remedies for you, I'm afraid. I just wanted to say that I love that house too!

life and the memoirs said...

When I'm struck down by the common cold, traditional chinese medicine usually gets me back on my feet! Pills and powders, they are magic.
How divine is the house - love it!

rachel awes said...

that house is so cool! eccanecea (sp?) drops are supposed to be helpful at the onset..up to 6X daily...otherwise, lots of water and rest (i know, not very weird!)and fruits/veges...teas...i hope you are feeling better as i write!