Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do we follow one road or use the whole map?

I have always admired people that knew what they wanted to know the people that say 'oh yes I have wanted to be an artist since I was an embryo'.....they know what they want, they follow their dream and achieve their goals. I never really stood on that side of the garden. I think I have mentioned before about my complete ability to be stunningly indecisive, completely disorganised and change my mind on average every five minutes. Yes, it makes for an interesting life but sometimes I wish I could narrow things down.....don't get me wrong I have dreams, goals, ambitions and a the work ethic of a mule (and the stubbornness to boot) but I would love to do everything, go everywhere, meet everyone and achieve it all.

Can I do it? Can I do it all? Do I need to narrow it down or is it possible to just accept who I am and go for everything. Is it ethically, morally and physically possible to do it all? How do you balance it? Can I turn my entire being of chaotic ambition into an organised life?

We leave for Thailand in ten days and apart from stressing because it will be the longest I have been away from her (not that she will actually care) and possibly consuming a fair amount of wine/cocktails (remember my in laws will be there) I am hoping to use it as a bit of a re-start. An opportunity to decide really , apart from obviously the Mr & the Madam, in what areas I will direct my energies. Hopefully Thailand lends my overactive mind some clarity.

So what about you all....did you always know what you wanted to do? Do you follow your head or your heart with how you live your life?

Do we have to be defined by one thing or are we able to have many,many stories in our book?

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Kellyansapansa said...

I've never known what I want to be when I grow up. I've always wanted to take on numerous things at once, see what I enjoy and find new challenges constantly. It works for me!