Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just some little things we did....


This weekend we managed to ;

Give the house & garden a good clean up.
Finally plant something resembling a vegie garden.
Have numerous visitors - which was lovely!
Blow up numerous ballons - with the madam.
Come up with a million life - changing ideas!

I'm glad it's the week!

P.S. These photo's are random from over the last week - yes they include the first day of school one! I hope she is still smiling as much in year 12!
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Ratz said...

Ha ha ha. I hope so too..... I wasn't smiling much by that time..

Tania said...

Crikey! Just one of those things on your list tends to take up the majority of one weekend around here (especially the giving the house and garden a good clean up - yawn).