Sunday, April 25, 2010

What happens when life takes over.......

Oh I must be a slack tart - I have been de followed by one..............understandable due to my recent lack of interesting, let alone any, posts. I can only offer the
need to declutter and remotely organise my life, getting the madam back into life with us, starting the Mr's new business oh and the madam starting at Montessori school as my lame excuses for being a bad blogger. oh and that I find reading everyone else's blogs much more interesting at the moment.

Yes, I am now the parent of a child that attends school.....well kinda......the madam has started at the local Montessori School two days a week. I only had a mild breakdown on the first day whereas she didn't have a care in the world.

I am still editing my current photos so I thought I would leave you with some of the glory I have found in my travels around the world of all things in www land....

I am thinking this may be a brilliant birthday idea for the madam
or.......maybe me????

If I could win the lotto - or come into some money I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I purchased all of this website I would be really organised.

I am still vicariously living through this blog.......what a wonderful experience .....and I always learn something new.

Maggie yet again writes words that I am sure applies to many of us but she can only write with such a beautiful sense of self that I can't wait to buy her novel.

I hope you like these links as much as I do......and so you all know.... I thoroughly appreciate & value all who read my little ol' blog.

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