Thursday, November 12, 2009

Summer creatures & lessons


Day four of the "big heat" (I know I am dreadfully dramatic) and I am learning a few things - gotta love that life is a continuous series of educational moments;

Lesson 1 : when it is hot out every freaky little creature wants to come in (see above photo) I have found so many weird little things coming in through cracks and holes I didn't know existed.....could also be the madam leaving the door open "because my new friends are so tiny and cute" (note to self: get madam new friends)

Lesson 2: Never say to anyone how lucky you are because your child never gets sick - because then they do.

Lesson 3: Photo's taken out the car window when driving sick kid around to distract her from coughing are always going to be on a bizarre angle but make you laugh.

Summer Night from the car window

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